Communication Law

You are a French or foreign company with a national or international dimension, our experience is at your disposal for advice on Communication law issues.

Lawyer Paris has been working in communication law for many years, in audiovisual, written and other advertising media..

With the expansion of communication platforms, and in particular the Internet and social networking, it would be impossible for your company to stay aware of all of the developments in French and European law applicable to the world of advertising.

Because publicity is the first impression that people will have of your company, it is absolutely essential that it be anchored on solid legal ground. Legal requirements imposed by the various laws are profuse and, sometimes, contradictory.

You are in charge of the visual impact of your advertising campaign. We will look after the legal issues in your project. Your advertising campaign will be productive and sustainable, because you have eliminated all of the risks.

The lawyers at BBP listen to your needs, and remain available, attentive and reactive.

In the world of communication, danger lies in failing to follow the rules, in breaching competition laws, or in seeing your ideas, concepts and designs stolen.

The team at BBP are resolute and determined in their work to ensure that the legal groundwork in place is in line with your ambitions. Your relationship with your partners or your clients and with your suppliers needs protection in the form of a contractual framework that respects the rights of each of the signatories.

  • Product advertising law
  • Services advertising law
  • Audiovisual advertising law
  • Billboard advertising law
  • Internet, Telephone and Telefax advertising law
  • Monitoring and Sanctioning the Advertising Message
  • Advertising Agreements
  • Competition Law and Advertising
  • Copyright and Advertising

They have placed their trust in us…

Ledolia – Led Display Solutions: experts in  LED big screens for digital communication. Our lawyers work with Ledolia on the legal procedures to be followed when working on client projects.


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