Corporate Criminal Law

BBP Lawyer Paris will act in your defence in matters of corporate criminal law, from the preparatory stages to trial.

As the head of a company, facing prosecution alone or with the company that you head, you need legal advice at all stages of the corporate criminal law proceedings.

Your corporate criminal lawyer must have a very strong grasp of this sector of the law, in which the stakes and the risks are very high.

At the police station, to what extent can my lawyer defend me?
Your lawyer must make his or her presence felt at all stages of the investigation and know how to make the most of the initial interview and all subsequent interviews during custody, advise you when to stop talking and why, make good use of notes, client privilege, speak to those close to you and deal with media interest.

In front of the investigating judge your lawyer must be able to manage stress. Meeting with the investigating judge is an essential and useful step, but it can also be counterproductive or ambiguous. Your lawyer must be able to deal with issues close to home and at a distance.

The move to a paperless environment has changed the way that files are handled. The corporate criminal lawyers at BBP Avocats Paris will advise you on the way the judge will react to behavioural traits (tears, gestures or shouting). The presence of cameras has also changed the relationship with the judge, for you and for your company.

Bear in mind that the investigating judge is reluctant to waive the monopoly that he or she has in the investigation into the truth. Your lawyer must know when, how and why to make a request under articles 82-1 and 156 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Your lawyer must not shy away from attending the expert phase of the proceedings (article 161-1 of the Criminal Procedure Code).

Your lawyer will keep you informed about the progress and results of any private investigations.

You should also be aware that, by virtue of the law, your lawyer benefits from a number of important procedural initiatives. Indeed, your lawyer commits fully, in writing, when he or she requests that the investigation be dropped (art 80-1 of the Criminal Procedure Code), that the status of the person under investigation or an assisted witness be changed (art 80-1-1 of the Criminal Procedure Code), that the investigation be sent for referral (art 221-3), or in requesting closure (art 175-1 of the Criminal Procedure Code) with a submission for dismissal.

The corporate criminal lawyer will also take up your case if you are a victim, or if you are making a claim under the civil law. The rules for bringing a civil law claim or challenge are covered by the law of 5th March 2007. Common questions concern permission to access the investigation file, and claims for compensation.


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