Real Estate Law

A real estate professional or an individual, your Lawyer will answer your questions and offer concrete solutions to your real estate, joint ownership and real estate management issues.

Real estate is the focus of attention for many of us. It involves a number of different overlapping sectors, each one with its own set of legal impacts and consequences.

The firm of Bassiri-Barrois Pascal Associés has a solid experience in real estate and it is this experience that will guide you and steer you through the issues and workings of a sector in which the pitfalls are many.

Bad advice can have disastrous and irreversible financial consequences, which is why your real estate Lawyer must be an experienced, informed professional.

The Lawyers at BBP Lawyers in Paris are the experienced professionals that you are looking for.

In real estate transactions, where financial commitments can reach hundreds of thousands of Euros, your expert in real estate law, who has a solid grasp of the subject and whose brief is to defend your interests, will be able to advise you and assist you every step of the way.

Constructing a building or an individual house is an adventure that everyone can, quite legitimately, dream of achieving. But this adventure can quickly turn into an obstacle course, littered with difficulties and trials.  The experience of your Lawyer can help you to anticipate the risks, avoid the pitfalls and resolve disputes.

Whether you are the owner-occupier or landlord, you expect your lawyer to understand your limitations and provide you with pragmatic answers to your questions. Time is always of the essence, because statutes impose a number of deadlines that must be met. BBP Lawyer Paris has put into place the structure and the organisation to guarantee a rapid and effective response and help you achieve your ambition.

Real Estate Law

  • Real estate transactions
  • Provisional sales agreements
  • Sale and Purchase
  • Construction

Auctions and Bidding

Joint Ownership Laws

  • Syndicates
  • Joint Ownership fees
  • Recovery

Real Estate Management

  • Unpaid rents
  • Recovery
  • Expulsion


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