Corporate law

You are at the head of a French or foreign company, we can answer your questions and meet your requirements in matters of corporate law, commercial law, corporate security, company law, corporate criminal law.

Each and every member of the team at BBP Lawyer Paris will work with you on questions of corporate law. We will take responsibility for answering all of your questions, allowing you to focus on the strategic decisions with full knowledge of the world of business.

In an increasingly competitive environment the successful business is the one in which the drivers have chosen to work with a team of corporate law professionals displaying a sense of responsibility and a fighting spirit.

It is because this is a fight, and because you need to come out as the winner, that the lawyers in our Firm have put into place a structure and an organization that is dedicated entirely to companies.

The lawyers at BBP Lawyer Paris are ready to fight relentlessly and without compromise.

Our Firm’s clients deserve the very finest service in which, apart from the obvious question of competency, transparency, availability, attentiveness, reactivity and responsiveness are priority.

Whether it be commercial law, where strategy is paramount, or security, because developments in technology are never-ending, or company law, where the creation of a new entity, closer links with competitors or partners must be studied in detail, or criminal business law where the head of the company is in the line of fire, the team at BBP Lawyer Paris remains tenacious and determined in their work for you.

Commercial Law

  • Debt recovery
  • Client / supplier / service provider agreements
  • Commercial leases,
  • Stock-in-trade,
  • Investments

Corporate Security

  • Intellectual Property
  • New technologies
  • IT security

Company law

  • Fusion, acquisition,
  • Creation, modification and transfer,
  • Recovery plans and liquidation

Corporate Criminal law

  • Corporate Criminal law
  • Misuse of company assets,
  • Fraud,
  • Breach of trust,
  • Insider trading



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